Hi friends! We’re the family behind this biz. We take pride in our work and our relationships with our customers and community partners, but we don’t take life too seriously.

We’re located in the small town of Brooklyn, MI., home to MIS raceway and Faster Horses. We have 6 kids, loads of animals, and lots of fun living our best life. We’re glad you’re here!

The Effin Fam xo

Shop Members

Amy and Ron Proffitt
Ron and Amy Proffitt are the Co-Founders and owners of Come to Your Effin Senses. Ron is "The Master Pourer" and brings his years of candle making and business experience; Amy brings her creative marketing and communications experience to the biz.

Madison aka "Mads"

Madison is our right hand woman, helping to get orders complete, shipped and delivered. She also brings great coordination to our shop and our shows!

Peyton aka "Peyt"
Entrepreneur in Training

Peyton helps keep our shop in order, prepare our gift bags, prepare for events and helps with delivery. He also adds his sense of humor to the biz and has been known to start a dance party without warning.