Meet the Effin Family


Hello Friends! We are Ron and Amy Proffitt, proud 
Founders of Come to Your Effin Senses, a Veteran 
built, woman-owned family business that began in 
2021 in the heart of Brooklyn, Michigan.
Our good smells and bad words are all handmade by 
us, tested and quality-checked, because putting out 
the very best Effin products matters to us. When 
you're happy, we're happy.
We have our brand spanking new storefront in downtown Brooklyn, in addition to our robust website, and are fortunate to have amazing 
retail partners who showcase our products in retail 
locations throughout Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, and South 
Dakota. We also ship world wide, and are proud to have customers in every state.


We are more than makers or creators. For us, it's about the relationships we build, and the experience customers have with our brand. Life is too short to be taken seriously, and we love to make people laugh! 
Our product line has expanded to offer more fun and naughty products! We make hand-poured soy candles, wax melts, sugar scrubs, soaps, and the occasional stickers and graphic tees. We also enjoy collaborating for partnerships, wholesale, custom orders and fundraisers!


We love what we do, and we hope you love it too! If you're offended by the names, we aren't sorry...that's how we roll.

The Effin Fam xo

Shop Members

Amy and Ron Proffitt
Ron and Amy Proffitt are the Co-Founders and owners of Come to Your Effin Senses. Ron is "The Master Pourer" and brings his years of candle making and business experience; Amy brings her creative marketing and communications experience to the biz.

Madison aka "Mads"

Madison is our right hand woman, helping to get orders complete, shipped and delivered. She also brings great coordination to our shop and our shows!

Peyton aka "Peyt"
Entrepreneur in Training

Peyton helps keep our shop in order, prepare our gift bags, prepare for events and helps with delivery. He also adds his sense of humor to the biz and has been known to start a dance party without warning.