Community is Cool

Community is Cool

When we started this snarky business just over a year ago, we didn't have a lot of connections. Sure, we knew people in our community because we are parents, but connections as business owners was pretty slim. 

With each event we attended, we began to build a community. You see, entrepreneurs have something in common: a burning desire to do something that excites and interests them, and they want to live life and work on their own terms. The more small business owners we met through events, the more we realized that many of these peeps, like us, love the hustle and grind of being creative and doing their own thing. We realized this entrepreneurial community was the perfect fit for us! #iykyk

One day, me and Mads decided to attend a function at Michigan Tribe-a group that brings together women business owners to support each other, brainstorm, and form community. Even though we are mega introverts, we absolutely loved the energy and true comradery that came from this group - something we had never experienced before. 

For the first time, we felt like we truly belonged. These women were real and honest about their trials and tribulations. They were so creative and funny and welcoming. We left our first event feeling encouraged and empowered to take on this exciting journey.

Here we are in April of 2022, and have formed some incredible relationships with all types of people who have built all types of businesses. These are folks who understand the challenges that come with owning a business. They get it when you talk about your journey. And, even better, this community has become a great source of inspiration, information, support and encouragement. 

We love our community of vendor friends and feel they have truly been one of the best parts about starting and owning a business. These are some of the most fun and rewarding friendships we never planned on having!

As you think about your future and your dreams - whether you are going to be an entrepreneur or not - be sure and surround yourself with people who want to help you, lift you up and push you to follow your heart and your dreams. We all need cheerleaders in life! 

Tip: If you are a woman thinking about starting a business, but don't have the funds to get started, check out our Get Effin Started fund that we created with Michigan Tribe! Applications open September 5, and we encourage you to go for it! Learn more here and apply: GRANTS | Michigan Tribe

If you're not a part of Michigan Tribe, we encourage you to join! It's free and a great way to start building YOUR cool community. We just might see you there!